Vsauce: Because Science is Exciting Dammit!

Remember those educational videos you had to watch in grade school that taught you all about the rainforest, the human digestive system, and why atoms matter? Did you ever wish that someone would come along and make those videos awesome? Well, Michael Stevens is that someone and Vsauce is the channel where he posts all of the awesome videos you begged for as a kid.

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The funny thing about Vsauce, though, is that it’s an educational YouTube channel that will probably appeal to adults even more than it will to school children.That’s because host Michaels Stevens has made it his mission to break down just why it is that our world is so incredible and do it in a way that reignites the thrill of learning.

Some of the videos in Vsauce are about the kind of things you’d expect to find on an educational video channel. There’s a space section, for instance, that breaks down things like what human extinction would look like and whether or not you’d be safe touching Mars. There’s also a human science section which looks at the effects of Alzheimer’s, why everyone doesn’t have cancer, and more.

But videos like those aren’t what makes Vsauce great. Not really. No, the really good stuff are the videos that just make you go “Huh?”

Michael Stevens isn’t just interested in teaching you about math and science; he want’s to teach you tricks you can do by knowing how to count cards. He wants to show you how you can count past infinity. He even theorizes what human beings might taste like.

The great thing about Vsauce is that it’s loaded with answers to questions that we’ve all asked ourselves at one point, but were probably too afraid to find an answer to. Well, at least some of the videos are like that. The rest just tell you things like what would happen if the moon were a giant disco ball.

Of course, these subjects would just run the risk of being yet another boring educational video were it not for Stevens’ incredible presentation skills. Stevens talks about every subject like he’s a kid returning from a day at school who can’t wait to tell his parents about some incredible new thing he learned today.


That’s not to say that Stevens doesn’t come across like the smartest guy in the room. He does, and he probably is. It’s just that there’s a difference between listening to someone who knows what they’re talking about boredly share information like you should already know it and listening to an equally smart person excitedly telling you why something matters.

The same goes for the Vsauce spin-off channels, Vsauce 2 and Vsauce 3. Vsauce 2 is hosted by Kevin Lieber and focuses more on the science behind humanity and technology. Vsauce 3 is even more interesting as it follows host Jake Roper as he explores the science behind popular fictional worlds. If you’ve ever wanted to know if you could realistically survive the Home Alone traps or what would happen if Captain America’s shield hit you, it’s the channel for you.

Like Mythbusters, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and other entertaining education programs before it, the Vsauce channels take something that should be interesting, remove the parts that sometimes don’t make it interesting, and present it to you in a format that genuinely excites you.

But you know, the Vsauce network might just be the best of them all. They’re not just endlessly entertaining; they genuinely makes you look at the world in exciting new ways.