Publisher Spotlight: ALL DEF DIGITAL

1.1 million subscribers & 229 million total views on their videos, All Def Digital, also known as ADD, has become an internet juggernaut: from sketches and parodies, to in-depth interviews and a cast of hilarious actor, ADD is anything but a Youtube channel.

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We could get into the hard numbers, like 280,000 FB likes and 95.7 thousand followers on IG, but that’s just for starters. You got Russel Simmons, former Def Jef founder, at the helm and Sanjay Sharma, who previously was VP of strategy and business development at the multi-channel network Machinima. What does this all mean? Profit. Profit. Profit.


From working with HBO and Sony, to collaborations with WorldStarHipHop, ADD is powerful. The reason they’re so powerful? Well, ever wanted to know what it’d be like working at WSHH’s headquarters? They got a series on that. Ever wondered, “Do white people REALLY have better credit scores? They got that video in the “IS IT TRUE?” playlist (a whole playlist, it’s amazing). Sick of Trevor Noah? They got Maranzio Vance, an opinionated, clear, and funny af sense of humor. No joke, if he was going after John Oliver’s job, I’d support it.

ADD is like Buzzfeed and World Star had a baby that ate nothing but Vines and took selfies; sprinkle some political banter, a dash of progressive ideals, and you’ll get a multi-channel network (22) that seems to get more popular by the day.

It seems as well, between figuring the difference between black and white booty, that the advertising world has taken notice. Why’s that? ADD holds that, which is sacred of sacreds: an engaged millennial crowd, never stopping to spread the force that is ADD.

Now, if you want a taste of the channel and what they can bring, I’d point you to episode 5 of Dr. Reasons (who’s known by Spoken Reasons), were he helps a young couple figure out, “what’s the issue?” The answer?

“He wants to be a thug.” Followed by a bark off between Reasons and said “Thug”. Classic ADD.