Mortal Kombat: Legacy…flawless victory!

Ok, maybe not flawless…but pretty good nonetheless!

Remember that 1995 Mortal Kombat movie directed by Paul Anderson? You know, the one that featured veteran actor Christopher Lambert chewing up low-budget scenery while Johnny Cage spouted awful one-liners and dished out low blows to supposedly unstoppable four-armed monsters?

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If you do, then let me be the first to share my condolences while recommending that you seek professional help in order to wipe that travesty from your memory.

Or, you could just cleanse your palate with a few episodes of Machinima’s Mortal Kombat: Legacy.


This web series comes to us courtesy of director Kevin Tancharoen, whose work on the fan film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth convinced Warner Brothers to finance Legacy. Despite the considerable boost in budget, the first few episodes of Legacy still retain the heart of a fan-made project. Which is, of course, a nice way to say that the writing, acting and directing all bear the marks of a visionary who is just happy to be there.

Stick with Legacy, though, and Tancharoen’s love for the source material will win you over. It’s hard to not share the man’s passion when you’re watching the finest B-grade actors that answered the phone that day re-enact the stories of how Mortal Kombat’s greatest characters found themselves participating in the fabled fighting tournament.

While that does involve putting up with some less-than-stellar special effects and action scenes bordering on parody, you’ll find that overlooking the show’s flaws comes pretty easy considering how much fun everyone involved with the project is clearly having.


Even if you’re not a fan of old fashioned “Kung-Fu” campiness, there is some genuinely great moments of filmmaking to be found throughout. This is especially true of the show’s animated segments, which are so good they really do beg the question of why it’s taken so long for someone to realize that an animated video game adaptation just makes sense.

Whether you’re a franchise fan or you just find yourself jonesing for some classic late night, chop suey-style martial arts action; Mortal Kombat: Legacy more than justifies its bingeable run time.

[By: Matthew Byrd]