Love Food? Check out these 5 web shows!

Pizza, burgers, donuts, bacon…it’s all food, and it’s all amazing!

I dream about food, I talk about it, I wish upon it, and I crave it oh so bad.  But let’s not forget, you can always WATCH food too!

As painful as it can be sometimes, watching other people cook up delicious foods is one of the best things that happened to entertainment in modern times. So why fight it?

Here are 5 great web shows on HypeScreen that are all about…you guessed it…FOOD!!




Food that’ll make you close your eyes, lean back, and whisper “yessss.” Snack-sized videos and recipes you’ll want to try.

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Day of Gluttony


Two guys: Harry & Bruce. The challenge: Conquer 24 restaurants within 24 hours in food-centric cities all across North America. Watch as they eat their way across the continent, from Tex-mex in Austin to Poutine in Toronto.

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Bite Club


Welcome to Bite Club, starring Jack Howard and Laura Jackson. In this series we’ll take a look at twelve classic (or soon-to-be classic) films and recreate some of our favorite moments in food form.

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Laura in the Kitchen


‘Laura in the Kitchen’ is an interactive cooking show hosted by Laura Vitale. The show focuses on Italian cuisine, but viewers are very welcome to make requests. As you will see many of the recipes in the show are the result of audience requests!

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Rosanna Pansino


Welcome to my channel! I’m Rosanna Pansino and I really enjoy creating content on YouTube!
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