Cyanide & Happiness: Cry Until You Laugh

Are the you the one in the group who’s always the only person laughing while your friends are telling you to shut up during the eulogy? If so, this web show’s for you.

The show’s title hints at how far on the “dark humor” spectrum it goes, but you have no idea of until you find yourself laughing at suicide jokes intercut between video game references.

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It’s the intellectual successor to Happy Tree Friends — with less outright gore, but much more psychologically disturbing. Here you have cute and colorful characters a kindergartener might have drawn, dealing with situations like having God as an irresponsible neighbor, or a Disney prince singing about getting laid.

The video content for the popular Explosm comic of the same name, The Cyanide and Happiness Show takes the sketch comedy format with slight thematic connections. It then applies impressive cinematic techniques, plus the grim sense of humor that makes you question the kind of person you are. This is the kind of show you and your drunk friends would make if you had Martin Scorsese on a million dollar retainer.

Cyanide & Happiness Web Show

I know what you’re thinking. “Every time something claims to be dark, it just ends up the same old family-friendly primetime programming. My sense of humor is a lot darker than that. I used to live in New York.”