5 Super-Dope Web Shows Born & Raised in NYC

Love New York City?  Yeah, it’s kinda the best.  

Check out these 5 web shows that are all shot in, chewed up and spit out by the best friggin’ city in the world.

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Park Bench (w/ Steve Buscemi)


EMMY NOMINATED SERIES directed by and starring Steve Buscemi is back for a second season!!! Park Bench is a local’s take on the special people, places, and spirit of New York City. Through unscripted moments and conversations with both average New Yorkers, as well as Steve’s celeb friends, Buscemi takes viewers on a funny, first-hand journey/misadventure, told in his unique voice.

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The Bedford Stop


A reality show about girls in Brooklyn avoiding reality.

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Tawk is a “stylishly awkward” cult internet talk show that embodies Brooklyn’s quirk, irreverence, aesthetic and grime. It is inspired and hosted by Awkwafina, an irreverent self-styled female Asian rapper who came up on YouTube. The show interviews an impressive roster of rappers, YouTube legends, rising comedians, Vine stars, and hip-hop artists.

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The Bodega


New Yorkers Alex and Jose are ambitious yet lazy brothers who, after being forced to work in their dad’s bodega, conspire to take the store’s success into their own hands. From upselling customers to creating a concert series in the bodega’s basement, these guys stop at nothing to bring home the bacon with ridiculous get-rich-quick schemes. As their “guerrilla marketing” strategies start to fumble, though, their dad’s temper rises. Papi’s old-world Dominican traditions collide with the sons’ entrepreneurial spirit, and hilarity is the usual result.

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Connected features the personal stories of six New Yorkers woven together into one of the most intimate series ever. This groundbreaking show changes the nature of storytelling by giving each character a camera to document their lives over the course of six months. The result is a unique format shot and told by the characters themselves. Forget reality TV, this is real life. The incredibly personal narratives reveal not only who these individuals are, but who we are as a society. As different as everyone appears to be, we are all universally Connected.

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